How to make money with the UK’s Royal Wedding using social media

So I was reading this awesome website and found this quite interesting article about how Flickr is inviting everyone that will be in London during the Royal Wedding Celebration to share with everyone their pictures taken in a special photo album: The People’s Royal Wedding Album.

They’re saying they want to capture “the people’s view”. A Flickr spokesperson said “Whether people are watching on TV, heading to London, holding a street party, making novelty baked or knitted goods, we want to see the pictures,” he added.

Later on people are going to vote to choose the best picture and the winner will get a £5,000 ($8,260 USD) honeymoon. That’s a quite prize for the winner, don’t you think?

Now, what is Flickr going to get back? Well, they will attract millions of excited people that made part of this historic event sharing their pictures on Flickr. These people will later on share them with their friends as well and so on. Instead of sharing their pics on Facebook, they will do it on Flickr to get their prize.

They already started to share their celebration pics

On the other hand, Yahoo! and YouTube will be transmitting live the Royal Wedding, just as many other websites and media that won’t loose the chance to get some traffic to their websites using this event.

But, how can just a regular person like you and me take advantage of this? Well, I found this website: The Royal Wedding Book. This website is inviting people to share their Royal Wedding pictures on Facebook, Twitter or E-mail. As a result, they will sell The Royal Wedding Photo Book for only $66 USD, containing “100 pages of memories” with the best pictures shared by the people. Since people are all excited once again, they won’t hesitate on sharing their pictures and will be more than willing to have THEIR pics in such a special photo book.

They’re using the services, another great website that makes any person able to publish their own books, e-books, photo albums, calendars, cd’s or dvd’s, kitchen books or poetry books. What you do is upload all the content, you use their platform to edit and make all the changes and in the end they will print it for you and give promotion to sell your book, calendar, album, etc! Isn’t that great?

So generally speaking, I found the Royal Wedding Photo Book idea such a great one to make some money using social media and without having to even pay a flight ticket to London!

Now, are you ready to take advantage of the next big event and make some money using social media? Any ideas?



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